Golf Mats


Southwest Greens of Chicago has recently expanded its services to include golf mat construction. We only us the best turf on the market to construct a hitting surface that is second to none. We offer a variety of surfaces to meet every golfers need. The hitting surface is constructed of durable nylon fibers that are adhered to a 5/8″ thick dense foam cushion. Our nylon turf will not leave any green marks on your clubs. Below is a list of our most commonly used golf mats. If you don’t see the size you need. Give us a call and we can price it for you or fill out our QUOTE form and we will work you up and estimate and call you back.

Commercial Golf Mat:
1 Hole Per Side For Rubber Tee (Sq. Mats)
1 Rubber Tee As Seen In Picture
5/8″ Dense Foam Cushion Backing
5/16″ Turf Nap Height

Commercial Fairway Golf Mat:
Simulates Fairway For Chipping
5/8″ Dense Foam Cushion Backing
1 1/8″ Turf Nap Height

Commercial Range Tee Mat:
Dense Pile for Teeing Up
5/8″ Dense Foam Cushion Backing
1 1/8″ Turf Nap Height

Custom Golf Mat:
You Choose Turfs and We Can Build It!
Priced Between $15 & $20 Per Sq. Ft.