Playground Turf

Chances are your pet spends at least part of the day outside, and Southwest Greens pet turf makes for a safe and comfortable surface on which to do so.

Our synthetic turf is perfect not only for your pet, but for you as well. A growing number of clients are finding our synthetic grass to be an inspired choice for backyards, pet runs and anywhere else our furry friends congregate outdoors.

Why should you choose a Southwest Greens artificial grass installation for your pet?

  • Our synthetic grass prevents dogs from tracking dirt or mud into the house
  • No brown spots from urine
  • Our artificial landscaping turf prevents digging and ugly holes in your yard
  • No fleas, ticks or other pests to make your pet’s life miserable
  • Supreme odor control
  • Our backing system is made with Duraflo Technology to allow superior flow-through for pet urine
  • Easy to clean up after your dog
  • Stays cool during warmer weather
  • Artificial lawns are free of the harmful fertilizers and chemicals often applied to natural grass
  • Our Envirofill infill sand will not retain moisture since it is ceramic and nonporous